Application of CON-AID modifies the compact-ability of locally available soils for road construction.
The cost of CON-AID is usually significantly less than the cost of hauling gravel to modify the local soils.
Rural Counties have found that the payback of treatment cost, for unpaved gravel roads, is 12 to 15 months due to savings in maintenance costs.

....Prep Time?
There is a distinct improvement in the workability of the soil after applying CON-AID. This saves time when grading and placing the soil.
During the compaction stage, the number of passes required with the various compactors is reduced - often up to 50%.

...Wet Conditions?
The treated soil or road surface becomes hydrophobic or water repellent.

The soil does not deteriorate in wet conditions, resulting in improved traffic-ability.

Dust diminishes by up to 90% depending on soil type. This reduces the need for frequent grading and other maintenance, resulting in cost savings and safer driving conditions.

...Application to an Existing Road?
CON-AID can be applied to an existing road surface to prevent rutting, gravel loss and provide dust control without rebuilding the road.
The correct amount of CON-AID is applied with a water tanker in three or four applications. It penetrates the soil and reacts sufficiently to correct these problems.

...The Need to Repeat the Treatment?
The reaction of CON-AID with the clay particles in the soil is permanent. Some existing roads have been in use for over 20 years and have shown little or no deterioration over this period.

If re-treatment is required at all, it would only be if additional material is imported.

...Re-Grading or Repairing a Treated Road?
To repair damage in a road that was previously treated with CON-AID, merely wet the surface, re-grade and ensure that the material pushed to the side is replaced onto the road.
Provided no new untreated material is placed onto the road, the soil will re-compact as if freshly treated. The repaired surface can be compacted by machine or by traffic forces.


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